Song Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School Fees

Students training Kungfu in Song mountain of Shaolin temple.

School Fees:

We offer Kung Fu courses that run from one week  up to five years. The courses we teach include traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi kung, Chinese kickboxing  and so much more.

Our fees are listed below; you can choose to pay monthly:

One-time Non-refundable application fee is $100 USD for booking a room and getting picked up at the Zhengzhou airport/train station.

Total Monthly Room & Meals:  $400 USD which includes meals and lodging.

Total Monthly Tuition Fee: $590 USD and it will be discounted $40 less each month. For example, the second month will be $540,the third month will be $490 and so on.

It is free to use any training facilities involved with the class you’ve enrolled in such as Shaolin weapons.

Each year, we have some students who chose a one-year Kung Fu course or extend their study for two or three years. We offer the best discount to encourage them, with $5,980(about $498  per month on average) for the first year. This includes training, meals, lodging, administration, training uniforms and a free sword and staff. The  second year course fee is $5,520 and the third year is $4,320.

Notice:For the one month course training or less,we didn't offer the refund.

The training daily form for our school.

Studying Shaolin Kung Fu here is the best opportunity to travel China, commit yourself and discover more about yourself and clear your mind.

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Our Advantage

Located in traditional Shaolin temple

Taught by real shaolin warrior Monk

Learn Traditional Shaolin kung fu

Experience Chinese culture

Ancient Cultural & historic surroundings

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