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Those looking to learn kung fu in China are dedicated to this ancient art. Song Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School China is located next to the original Shaolin temple on Song Mountain, in the city of Dengfeng in Henan province. The school is a certified training academy that has been fully authorized by the Temple to receive and train international students inside the Shaolin Monastery of northern China. When a student who wishes to study kung fu in China joins the Temple on Song Mountain, they are taught all of the most traditional Shaolin Kung Fu styles and more. At our Shaolin Kung Fu school in China, styles taught include traditional Shaolin, Sanda (Chinese kick boxing), Chi Na, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi and Meditation. 

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Our students learn kung fu inside the Forest of Pagoda Forest.   Female students practicing kungfu in Shaolin Temple.

This set of technical skills constitute a huge and orderly technical system that has been organized according to special categories and levels of complexity, such iron coat, iron palm, standing on two fingers and other Chinese martial arts.As part of our kung fu classes in China, we also provide training on medical pressure points and the Shaolin 72 secret unique sets of skills. At our school, you’ll learn special kung fu skills such as grappling, wrestling, disjointing and techniques for attacking vital parts of the body.

The Shaolin school in China is taught by Warrior Monks from the original temple who have lots experience in instilling knowledge to foreigners from all over the world. By choosing to join us for Kung Fu training, students not only benefit from learning kung fu skills, but will also have the unique opportunity to live and study with the Shaolin Monks.By choosing to study kung fu in China, students also have a chance to deepen their understanding of China’s culture. A student who successfully goes through the program can therefore not only defend themselves when the need arises, but also experiences the benefits of a healthy body and self-discipline, as well as old Shaolin culture.

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Kung fu can be described as a number of combat styles and skills that have been created over centuries in China. The word “kung fu” means “skill attained through hard work over a period of time.” Classical kung fu is classified as those arts that were created before dawn in China. On the other hand, Shaolin Kung Fu -- which is also known as Shaolin Wushu -- is among the oldest style of martial arts. The name “Shaolin” is simply used as a brand for this style of kung fu. With so many years of development, Shaolin Kung Fu and its rich heritage has become one of the most widely taught skills in schools all over the world.

The China Shaolin Temple is located in the west of the Songshan Mountain ranges, in Dengfeng City, near Zhengzhou city of Henan Province, surrounded by forests and hills as its natural defense. It is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and Chinese Shaolin, making it a unique place for kung fu training, both physically and mentally.
It's been a life dream to train at a Shaolin temple.In the winter,we will be in Head academy,there are more than one thousands positive reviews,click here to see video to Learn Kung fu in China.

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