• Mila Bez (Train in Oct and Nov in 2018)

      Email: milabezpro@gmail.com


      My name is Mila and I am from Canada. In October, 2018, I spent one month at the Shaolin Temple Marshal Arts School. Prior to my journey, I had never done Kung Fu and was very sceptical about my physical ability to learn. My training was full of ups and even more downs, but even though I struggled, my environment was friendly, my trainer was professional, and I had a lot of support from the administration, all of which made my experience fantastic. For this, I will never regret coming to the Shaolin Temple. I enjoyed every minute of my time there, and fell in love with the rich Chinese and Kung Fu culture.

      Now about the school, and some tips for future students. First, if you want to have the best experience, you have to be open minded. You may do a lot of research before coming, but it still might not be what you expect, so it is important to remember that your main focus has to be on learning Kung Fu through Chinese culture. Second, there is a lot to explore. The temple’s surroundings are incredible and you don’t want to miss out on seeing any of it. Third, you should exchange your money before coming to China. You can do this at your bank. When I was in China, neither of my credit cards, Visa and Master Card, nor my debit card worked. I had US dollars, but most places only accepted the local currency. I was only able to use my US dollars in the Shaolin village, but I would still recommend you use the local currency there as well. Fourth, you want to think about your accommodations. Some students stay in dorms, some in hotels. You can decide what’s best for you. Last, classes are held either outside at the school, or in the temple. Personally, I loved to train at the school. There, you could watch children of all ages doing Kung Fu, and they are all incredibly gifted. Trust me, it’s worth it to train among them.

      I am back in Canada now, and I receive many messages from the friends I met at Shaolin Temple. I can confidently say that we all miss our trainer, and the school itself. We believe that a part of us is still there, and we cherish that part dearly. For long term course,you also can go head academy Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts academy review

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      Reviews of our Kung Fu School & Programs

      These Song Mountain School reviews will show you that learning Shaolin Kung Fu with us is an immersive experience. Students who visit and study with the Shaolin masters leave a healthier, more confident and better-disciplined version of themselves. 

      Phillip Lawrence - Trained in May 2017 Email: phillip_lawrence_1990@hotmail.com 

      My Song Mountain Shaolin school in Shaolin temple review: We arrived after a long train ride at Zhengzhou, were picked up from the city and driven to the Shaolin temple. There were kids in uniforms training everywhere -- all kinds of forms and better than we could ever do even though they were only 7 years old! The first night, we were introduced to the other students, who were all very capable and friendly. 

      We were also shown our rooms, which were clean and spacious with comfortable beds. We began training the next morning; the masters were wonderful, friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable. We trained in a whole host of different things, ranging from ChinNa to power training -- every lesson was of a very high quality, interesting and well structured.The training time for each lesson is around three hours (two times a day) so we were sure to be rested beforehand and bring plenty of water. While we were there, the schedule was changed to make TaiJi mandatory from 5.30 a.m. every morning, so we also began studying this extra style. This positively impacted our lives and kung fu with renewed relaxation. As the weekend came, we already felt at home and had made many friends who introduced us to some wonderful places around the Shaolin temple. The atmosphere is similar to that of a GongFu family; everyone helps each other out and that makes for a wonderful experience. Overall, there are many positive things about the school: The knowledge of all of the masters, the attitude of the students, the overall atmosphere of the surroundings and the progress a dedicated student can make under these conditions is incredible. 

      I fully recommend this school and this experience, to anyone who is interested in studying kung fu in the future.

    • Kaja Sitron Juul (Norwegian)

      My impression of the school life:
      Arriving date: Sept. 2, 2016.  Departure date: Dec. 29 2016.


      What motivated me most to choose China to study kung fu, was to experience the Chinese culture as well as learning martial arts. Kung fu is not a sport; it’s so much more and that is what I wanted to experience as to get a deeper understanding. I don’t think I would have found that in a martial arts club in Norway. My greatest gain is that I have developed not only skills in kung fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, but also physical and mental strength. In only three months, I feel so much stronger and relaxed.
      The biggest influence and motivator for me at the Shaolin temple was the headmaster and our shifu, Yan Jun. He interacted with the students on a much more personal level; it felt like he really wanted to help his student to get better and not only in the physical sense. He told us that we were a kung fu family that we have to support and to be there for each other. I really felt like I was a part of a caring family at the Shaolin temple.

      I was also influenced and supported by my fellow students; it would not be the same without them. I have made friends for life. The training was very good. I wished it had been more kung fu basics and more power stretching. The amount of learning and practicing forms was perfect. In November, we started every morning by running up and down the mountain and that was great training. I found it difficult to warm up and train outside, so the mountain running was perfect. The food was great and the village was like home. I enjoyed every single day at the academy. I wished that the theoretical classes had been more structured. I enjoyed working with my masters, they gave me so much and were patient and understanding. There wasn’t always a translator present, but that didn’t matter because the masters did such a good job showing us what they meant. I’m very glad the training was next to the temple. The fact that the village we lived in was somewhat isolated made me feel safer, and I grew so fond of that village that I was very sad to leave. The surroundings were amazing, so many things to see and short distance to everything!

    • Evan Throckmorton (USA)

      During my stay (Four weeks in Aug 2015) at shaolin temple school I learned taiji,qigong sanda and many kungfu forms and training techniques.

      Email: evanthrock@yahoo.com

      During my stay (four weeks in August 2015) at Shaolin temple school, I learned taiji, qigong sanda and many other kung fu forms and training techniques.
      At first, the training was difficult and it took some time to for my body to adjust to the workouts. But as the days went by, I saw a great deal of improvement within not only my body, but my mental state as well. In addition, the other students that I trained with are very kind and supportive, along with being very helpful when it came to offering advice on my form and technique. My stay at the academy has been everything I could have hoped for and more. I was never unhappy. Sure, the work was hard sometimes, but that is the point and the work always paid off. I would not change a thing about the academy. It is great as is.
      The master is exactly as his title claims: a father figure. He is patient, kind, understanding, has a great sense of humor and I have so much respect for him. He always made me want to work hard. I never wanted to disappoint him because he deserves better than that. My overall experience with him has been the one I will never forget and always remember fondly. He will always have a place in our hearts. The surroundings here is what sets it apart from many other academies and is a fundamental reason why I enjoyed my stay so much. It is immensely beautiful around the academy.
      Thank you! I love it here. 

    • Clement (France)

      Trained from May 2013 – May 2014

      Training with my master at the Shaolin temple here is excellent. He is an awesome master and I'm really glad that I trained with him, even or a short period of time. He focuses a lot on the use of Chi during the trainingand that is great. He has good skills, both as a martial artist and as a teacher. At the Shaolin temple school, all the working staff and masters try to improve the training and the daily life and everybody makes sure that we enjoy our stay.
      Of course, the surrounding area is amazing: The Shaolin temple China, all of the students training all the time -- this is an incredible source of inspiration.

    • Karen Dolphin (Ireland)

      Train in Summer 2014.

      I have had a very positive experiences in the shaolin temple school. The atmosphere is very friendly and both students and school staff are very helpful. This made my stay very easy and enjoyable. The rooms are comfortable. I really loved the food here. I like that is healthy and filling, with lots of choices and plenty of vegetables. Master here is excellent; I like how he trained and teaching to the group’s experiences and energy.
      I really enjoyed the variety of classes this kept training interesting. I also like  how master kept training challenge and fun. I think master is a very fantastic teacher and is very patient to his students. The setting of school is lovely magical. Being in the Shaolin temple makes you breath kung fu everyday. This environment is very helpful for kung fu training. I will never forget this great experiences.


    • Iain Fraser (UK)

      Learn for nine months from March 2012 to December 2012.

      Trained for nine months, from March 2012 to December 2012.

      I have always been interested in Chinese Shaolin martial arts from a young age.After picking up a book called “The Shaolin Way,” I was hooked on the idea of training in Shaolin kung fu at the original Shaolin temple in Deng Feng city. It was an idea that I would be able to re-focus during my time away.
      I came to China as an unfit, overweight, forty-something year old. After nearly nine months, I will go back home as a “young” and fit man. I have managed to grow mentally and physically since I have been here and  feel as if nothing life can throw at me matters anymore! I have learnt to “go with the flow” since being at here. Losing over 10 kg in weight has been a big part of my success here. When I first arrived here, I couldn’t kick above my knee; now I can kick over my head! Both Master Xu and Master Lu have helped me grew as a person. They have been very patient when I forgot parts of my forms and I have the upmost respect for both. In retrospect, I like to consider what I have obtained while I have been here. I have gained a new family who I know will always be here. Daily life has been hard, but the effect it has had on me has been amazing. It seems I have always lived by Buddhist values, but I didn’t realized just how similar my views were. I love China! I love the food, the people… everything. I’ve been fortunate to have a relationship  here! I shall return to the U.K. a very happy man --- happy to live a happy life and a better man for it. Thank you for helping me on my own personal journey!


    • Jamal Ghozael

      Eight months at the Shaolin Kung Fu temple, from April 2012 to November 2012.

      The training at Shaolin temple for traditional kung fu is quite complete. From Monday to Friday, there is a tai Chi class every early morning. During that class, the master explained many applications of  all of the moves and push us to practice all  of the moves until they are almost “perfect.” The Tai chi (taiji) is good for the balance, for the coordination and to learn how to focus . There are many different classes to practice all of the different domains of kung fu. The basics class, the forms class, the stances class, the applications class, the conditioning class, the stretching class and the power training class. The master pays a lot of attention in the basics class because, to make some good improvement in martial arts, everything comes from the basics. In the school, the master trains in very small groups. This way, the master can spend a long time with each student. It’s very useful! After a while, the master knows the best way to help the student to understand what he's teaching. If the student focuses and work seriously, then the master can teach him some new skills. The first one is the movement quality and we must practice that until we are doing right. Then the master teaches us how to improve the speed, then the power and then the rhythm. In the Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) class, we practice movement by movement then we can learn combo and after that, we learn the tactics of the fight. We improve step by step and we can focus on each new step. On Sunday, each student has to show what they learned during the week and we must improve for the next weekend. This gives us a weekly goal. The master always thinks about how to improve our training and changes some details very often. It’s really nice to feel that the master really cares about us and our training. In few months, I can say I have learned a lot, and I really understand more than before about kung fu. We are not only copying, but we really learned how to do!
      The school at the Shaolin temple is the perfect place to practice and learn kung fu in China. From the wake up time to the sleeping time, we can see many children -- future masters -- training. It’s the best source of motivation! The landscape is really beautiful and the school is a village.it has been wonderful to experiment with a Chinese life. From the training ground, we can see the famous Shaolin temple. Our Shaolin Kung Fu master is a really good master. His Shaolin Kung Fu skills are very good, like a shaolin monk, but the man is even better. He is really wise and he can help students for everything. He is always thinking how to improve his teaching and he can be relaxed when we are not training. He cares a lot about discipline, the attitude with other people and of course the training. He is learning English, so we can share more with him. I have seen the improvement of all the students, even in a short time. I have a really great respect for him and all the students like him. The translator is very professional. We can easily understand all the explanations of the master during the class. She can help the student for all translations. Her English is perfect, but she also helps students with all  sorts of life problmes like booking tickets in the area of doctor’s visits She always cares for everyone and gives us a smile when we are very tired after the training.
      Chinese Mandarin is taught three times a week and the class is serious and very helpful. If you are advanced in Mandarin, she help you with different exercises. The cook and school staff are very kind and friendly. They speak only Chinese so it is perfect to practice the things you learn during the Mandarin class. The school is smalland all of the staff and students live together like a family and the smiles are almost always on everyone’s face. The rooms are comfortableand the beds are very hard to help us to recover after a long day of training. The food is typically Chinese and very tasty. The calligraphy class and the Buddhism class help us to understand more the Chinese culture.
      After eight months training in the temple, I feel like I have found a family here. This is exactly what I have dreamed about a traditional kung fu experienced and I will keep that in my heart forever.


    • Linda and other female students of school learn shaolin kung fu in shaolin temple.

      Linda Nguye

      I had an amazing time in the Shaolin temple! I learned so much, even though I only took one month of lessons in July 2012.
      I could feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. The Shaolin Kung Fu masters are excellent! They give you constant individualized attention and push you to your max. And they are responsive to your interests. If you want to have a heavier emphasis on fighting, forms, tai chi, weapons, acrobatics, etc., they will teach accordingly. Fantastic experience! If only I could have stayed longer!
      Linda and other female students of the school learn Shaolin Kung Fu in the Shaolin temple.


    • Xavier performing Tai Chi in the early morning hours at the Shaolin temple.

      Xavier (USA)

      Training for three months, from March 2011 to June 2011.

      I had spent three months  learning Shaolin Kung Fu in the Shaolin temple Kung Fu school in China with Master Wang (or Wang Sifu). It was a very uplifting experience. Not only did daily training and the master help me learn more about myself and the Shaolin kung fu practice, but he guided me to the best of his abilities and always made sure to remind up how much of a family we all are. My time at the Shaolin temple was a learning experience. The location itself couldn't have been better. We trained across the way from the original Shaolin temple, as well as near other smaller classes of Chinese students. Seeing this not only lifted my motivation, but made my training feel somewhat more authentic.
      Master has a great Shaolin Kung Fu training plan for all students. His teaching depends on your level of experience and discipline. As a group, we did many traditional practices such as stance training, forms, Sanda and conditioning. Words cannot describe the knowledge and skill my master holds. He's a very understandable Sifu and has many years of experience teaching. He spends time with you outside of kung fu training and is always welcome to helping you out if ever needed. Outside of the training was also very pleasurable. When not training, one has the opportunity to head to the closest town and take care of priorities. If you decide to stay in the Shaolin temple, one can head to the big mountain which has beautiful scenery, check out the original Shaolin temple ortrain on your own time. This is the best Shaolin Kung Fu school; I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn real Shaolin Kung Fu.

    • Marc practicing Shaolin Kung Fu with another student

      Lebon Marc (Belgium)

      Training from March 2010 to May 2010.
      -This kung  fu  school is a great place to learn Shaolin Kung Fu in China. It is very nice to be situated so close to the Shaolin temple in Song Mountain that is surrounded by beautiful nature. The rooms were really comfortable. Internet connection in the bedroom is also very practical. The food is good and we received plenty of it; the cook is a very nice person and always trying to be helpful. I greatly appreciated him. The training at the kung fu school is very good. I like that we learn kung fu in different ways: basics, hardening, self-defense, combat, forms, plus Chi kung and Tai Chi. Even though I was sometimes very tired and some of this was very hard for me, it is good and useful to have the possibility to learn many aspects of gong fu. My master also listens to the students’ wishes, which is very kind of him. I am very happy to have spent two months here to study kung fu. I can keep on kung fu training when I return home and come back to learn in the future. Thanks for everything!

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