Internal Kung fu-healing Chikung

Our students training Chi kung in 2016 Year.

Qigong(English Chi Kung) is one of the essences of Chinese traditional culture, it is a treasure of the Chinese nation. In the field of medicine, Qigong therapy is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been developed for thousands of years, and more and more attention has been paid to modern medicine and science.

Internal Chikung-Baduanjin and Yijinjing

Shaolin Qigong is an unique Qigong developed on the basis of medical qigong. In the past dynasties, the Shaolin Temple monks worked hard, and gradually became perfect. They became a wonderful flower of Shaolin Wu yuan. Especially in the year 621, after the King of Tang dynasty had been saved by thirteen monks whose head was JueYuan and HuiChang etc,Shaolin Qigong has become increasingly popular, and reached a higher level, such as: "King Kong iron fist", "Shaolin Vajra palm", "King Kong Luo Hangong", "Shaolin in Yang Gong". At the same time, a lot of Qigong masters emerged, such as Hui fan monks in the Tang Dynasty and Fu Yu Abbot in the song dynasty,

In April 1982, the Shaolin Abbot Suki, De Can, Xin Zheng, these three elders in the temple established "Shaolin martial arts Managering group", and sorted out the heritage of Shaolin  culture.

The students training Chi kung and meditation in 2017 Year.

   We aim to master the motion from static by learning QiGong,by training the body regulating gas sinked into Dantian, adjusting the Zong Qi, Wei Qi, Yuan Qi of our body, we can prevent disease and make our body full of vitality.There are two kinds of ShaoLin QiGong, that is,internal QiGong and external QiGong. The internal QiGong is mainly used for meditation, self-cultivation, for the prevention of many chronic diseases, the results is particularly significant. Long time training can reduce body weight and prolong life.The external QiGong is mainly used for martial arts, such us breaking the bricks and stones, enhancing our ability to strike andfighting against being striked,using and regulating the vital essence of our body, which run through the entire martial arts.

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