Sanda-Chinese kickboxing

Students training Chinese kickboxing on song mountain of Shaolin temple

Sanda is one of the outstanding cultural heritage of China, Chinese Sanda is different from the Western Boxing, it is also different from Taekwondo and much more different from Thai Boxing which depends on kicking, elbowing, and kneeing. Sanda requires "far kicking, close hitting and close falling". By learning Sanda, we can develop our strength, endurance, flexibility and so on.

Female students training here.

Basic techniques: The main techniques include: straight, hook, swing and other techniques.

Basic leg techniques: The main leg techniques include: positive kicking, side kicking, round kicking, back kicking and other techniques.

Basic wrestling: "Punching and kicking when being far away from the other party and fast wrestling if nearing him ." This is the proverb of fighters. Fast wrestling occupies an important position in Wushu sanda areas.

Sanda is a movement that is highly confrontational, people can be trained to be more braver,tenacious, witty, decisive and more flexible, and thus become mature, steady, positive through long-term Sanda training.

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